Discount Codes
If you are looking for parts and and trying to save money be sure to contact us! The prices on our website are not set in stone and we like to offer specials and discounts if needed. Again, please be sure to reach out and rest assured that we will work hard to get you a good deal on authentic automotive performance parts.
NRG Seat Orders
Please be advised that processing times can range from 3 - 10 days per NRG. Seats will ship directly from the NRG warehouse and a tracking number will be provided to the customer as soon as it becomes available.
Buying authentic parts
Why should people buy authentic aftermaket parts versus the off brands on the internet? Coming from personal experience and buying both off-brand and authentic parts the results favor the latter. Occasionally you can get an off-brand aftermarket part that will hold up to the task but oftentimes they fail prematurely.


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